Lemi Ghariokwu  

Lemi Ghariokwu

Visual Artist,

He is a Nigerian artist and designer who has become famous nation wide for being behind many of the original cover images for Fela Kuti, a Nigeria musician's, recordings. He has an individualistic sense of styles wherein he incorporates vibrant colours and individuated typefaces of his own design. An unknown fact about him is that he has been the creative mind behind more than 2000 covers, including covers for Bob Marley, Gilles Peterson and Antibalas.

Ghariokwu's cover images consciously echo and sometimes comment on the work and politics of the recordings that they accompany and in that way serve as an integrated metatextual device. The way he went about creating the covers was by listening to Kuti's album songs and then expressing his reaction in the form of paintings and through design. His work has attracted a lot of attention in the West and his painting Anoda Sistem, created by Ghariokwu in 2002 has been placed in the permanent section of the Museum of Modern Art. He is on Phaidon Press' list of 100 emerging and influential graphic designers in the world. In June 2010, he was commissioned and successfully branded FELA-BUS, a sort of marketing mural-on-wheels for the producers of the hit Broadway musical "FELA!" in New York.

Poster Design Contest 2014 Jury Panel
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