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In simple terms Faith47 is a self-taught contemporary street artist who is based out of the city of Cape Town in South Africa. Her work has been appreciated beyond her home country of South Africa and she has participated in many galleries abroad and worldwide projects. Her work is recognized by its theme and mood and usually plays easily into the texture of the urban environment.

She often depicts the harsh social realities that she grew up with in her country, in her creations. She established the Freedom Charter project, which consisted of phrases from the freedom charter documented on the inner city streets, bringing to light the gap between the promises of a better life in 'New South Africa' post Apartheid versus what the reality of most South Africans was. In her later work she displays an affinity towards existential symbolism, often drawn towards the human condition and their relationship to animals and nature.

Her studio work is usually viewed completely differently than her street art, but the same urban environment in which she operates often influences it. Faith47 prefers to work on canvas but can be often found creating artworks using doors, sign boards, window shutters etc. as her canvas. Fragments of a Burnt History exhibition was her first solo exhibition and was held in Johannesburg.

Poster Design Contest 2014 Jury Panel
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