Nana Kofi Acquah  

Nana Kofi Acquah


Nana Kofi Acquah was born two hundred metres away from Sao Jorge da Mina, the first slave castle built in tropical Africa. He lived with his grandmother who owned a pub where wayfarers, fisherman, their wives, officers would come looking for somebody to pour their soul out to. As a kid, their stories intrigued him and when he got bored he indulged in playing soccer with his friends, catching crabs or helping fisherman pull in their catch of the day. Today he lives in Accra with his wife and three children.

As a child he was extremely fond of stories and grew up on them, and since then he has taken on himself the task of telling stories using the camera as a medium and photographs as visual tales. After five years in the world of advertising and winning awards every year, he gave up his comfortable job as the Executive Creative Director of TBWA Ghana and decided to devote all his time to photography. His main focus is Africa and his clients include UNESCO, BASF, FIFA, The Guardian, Global Fund, Vodafone and Philips to name a few.

Photography Contest 2014 Jury Panel
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