Sophia Baraket  

Sophia Baraket


At the age of 18 Sophia moved to Paris and joined Spéos – The International School of Photography. She has worked on projects like, the series ‘Teenage Mothers’ in Uganda, and ‘Les Faire Ailleurs’, which tells the story of Western waste stranded in North Africa. The latter was selected in 2011 by the African Biennial of Photography in Bamako (Mali).

In 2010, she spent two months in Berkeley (California), where she worked on the project "Do not donuts in the country..." a mockery of many taboos in American society. When she returned to Tunis in September 2010, on the eve of the January 2011 popular uprising, she embarked on the cover of the Tunisian revolution, and her pictures where published in the international press and on several websites.

When the revolt broke out in Libya, Sophia was the first Tunisian photographer to travel to the Tunisian-Libyan border of Ras Jedir to cover the refugee exodus.

Photography Contest 2012-13 Jury Panel
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