Ritam Banerjee  

Ritam Banerjee


Based out of Mumbai, Ritam has always believed in not confining to a single space. Shooting extensively across categories—travel, photojournalism, advertising, interiors, portraits, automobiles, fashion and food—he has always sought inspiration and challenge in variety. From capturing the blazing dome of the Taj Palace Hotel when Mumbai was under siege in 2008 to documenting the placid course of the middle and lower Ganges, Ritam has framed things as disparate as spas and slums, ketchup and cars.

Over the last decade, Ritam has worked with corporates and publications across continents. He is also associated with the global agency, Getty Images.

Apart from stills, Ritam shoots commercial AVs, and has worked as the cinematographer for a feature film. He has also been in the news for his theme-based calendars and his exhibitions.

Photography Contest 2012-13 Jury Panel
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