Priyam Chatterjee  

Priyam Chatterjee

Animator & Special Effects Expert,
Co-founder, Magic Tree Studios
Alumnus of National Institute of Design,

According to Priyam, animation production is a team-game, and his objective is to achieve excellence as a CGI/Animation Director using his creative, technical and team-leading skills to create memorable visual experiences that would fulfill the company's objective, thus helping the company to be among the best in competition, and in the process help him to grow to be among the top performers in the field of CGI.

He has 10+ years experience in Computer Graphics [CGI], 3D-Animation and Visual FX for Feature films and Television, initially as a lead visualizer and subsequently as a Creative director and currently he is the designated Associate Vice -President & Creative Director at Magic Tree Studios.

Photography Contest 2011-12 Jury Panel
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