Interaction with African MPs and Journalists

March 18, 2012 
Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi

A pan-African delegation comprising of 28 young members of parliament from 14 countries and 17 journalists who are on a visit to India attended the INDIAFRICA luncheon session hosted by the Ministry of External Affairs at the Taj Mahal Hotel on 18 March, 2012. MPs from Kenya, Ghana, Togo, and Mauritius shared their views. “Africa is a continent of the future. Africa has been sitting on potential; it is time to unleash the reality,” said a delegate from Kenya, “The young people of Africa will make the right vision for society and all of us.”

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”, the delegate from Ghana, reminded everyone of the old African proverb; while drawing parallels to the world’s first-of-its-kind people to people engagement program. Members of the delegation have promised to widen the engagement in every town and village in their respective countries by bringing more and more schools, universities and colleges on board.

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