INDIAFRICA at Mood Indigo 2012

December 20-23, 2012 
IIT, Bombay


INDIAFRICA: A SHARED FUTURE partnered with IIT-Bombay in its annual cultural festival ‘Mood-Indigo’ held on the campus. Started in 1971 by a bunch of enthusiastic IITians, Mood Indigo has now snowballed into becoming the largest festival of its kind in Asia. Mood Indigo being a leader amongst all the college festivals of the country has always set trends and attracted students from universities across India. The festival this year attracted over 80,000 students from more than 600 colleges all over the country.

INDIAFRICA: A SHARED FUTURE promoted the launch of its second edition of contests, such as the photography, poster making, essay writing and business venture at the festival and interacted with the youth present at its African themed stall. The stall was set up to promote African culture in India and involve the youngsters in various activities. There was a photo booth, face painting and hair braiding going on to entice the students.

INDIAFRICA: A Shared Future in collaboration with MOOD Indigo featured a musical performance by “Ganga Vibes”, a leading youth band in Morocco on the 23rd of December at 14:30 hours at the IIT-Bombay campus. Ganga Vibes is one of the first groups to play Moroccan Reggae. As a result of comprising people of different musical backgrounds, it is influenced by eclectic musical styles.

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