Ritnika Nayan  

Ritnika Nayan


Ritnika Nayan acquired a Bachelors Degree in Arts, Television/Video/Audio Production from Hofstra University, New York. During her time there, as a member of the concerts division, she helped organise shows for artists like Nickelback, Maroon 5, 3 Doors Down and dealt in various parts of the Live Music sector ranging from tickets, advertising, production and finances.

After the completion of her Bachelor's degree, she returned to India, where she dabbled in Television (MTV, NY, ITV London, Star India) and Film (Gandhi My Father) as an Assistant Director. In 2006, Ritnika moved to London to pursue her Masters in Music Business Management from Westminster University. She worked as a promoter in London for a year managing concerts at venues like the Troubadour, 100 Club, Borderline and Nambucca. After a brief work stint at Sincere Management (Peter Jenner), Ritnika moved to India to set up her music company that deals with artist management, live concerts and merchandise. She is an active member of music conferences worldwide and was recently asked to be a panelist at the MUSEXPO 2008, in Los Angeles.

INDIAFRICA Young Visionaries Fellowship Winners 2011-12
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