Arnold Sarfo  

Arnold Sarfo


Arnold Sarfo -Kantanka is the founder of Me FiRi Ghana and Operations and Director
of the WAM Campaign Charity. He describes himself as a Business Owner, Charity Director,
Management Consultant, Trainer & a Pubic Speaker. He has gone on to become a multiple
award winning Entrepreneur/Social Change Enthusiast. He sincerely believes in the concept
of 'people helping people' as he believes that every person has a gift/talent/skill which
can help to not only shape their lives but also impact the lives of others. Arnold's passion
for helping others first took shape whilst studying at university where he was a founding
member of the Youth Empowerment Charity Elevation Network. The charity worked with
companies such as Barclays Capital, Pearsons, IBM, BBC and The London Week of Peace and
was established to bridge the gap between under-represented young people and industries.
Arnold's love for Ghana has always been strong and his desire to express his culture through
clothing he designed was a means of doing so.

INDIAFRICA Young Visionaries Fellowship Winners 2011-12
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