The Road Ahead: Century of India & Africa

Voices From India and Africa

The 21st century is often described as the Asian century. India wishes to see the 21st century as the Century of Asia and Africa with the people of the two continents working together to promote inclusive globalisation. Events in India and Africa in the middle of the 20th century changed the world. Today, we have a second chance to take charge of our own destiny, and give new meaning to the concept of sustainable, equitable and environment-friendly development.
Dr. Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister of India 

Our global relationship must not become entrenched in purely commercial interests. We are certainly still far from having explored the full potential of cooperation between us, especially in areas where Indian expertise has become a world reference point—in the pharmaceutical industry or the information and communication technologies sector. It is up to us to forge this dynamic of cooperation into a genuine partnership that meets the aspirations of our people. Today, Africa is a reliable and credible partner. 
Abdelaziz Bouteflika
President of Algeria

Investments are welcome to Africa to promote value addition, as well as in infrastructural development; for instance, in railways and ICT. The partnership between India and Africa should give us a leg-up and enable Africa to surmount these challenges.
Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
President of Uganda

We expect synergies that can push forward the fight against ignorance, disease, hunger and poverty to make Africa and Asia the ineluctable players for a more just and more humane 21st century, with fewer conflicts and without the serious threat of global warming, international crime, terrorism, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
Joseph Kabila Kabange
President of Democratic Republic of the Congo

What we in Africa are looking for are technologies better equipped to tackle Africa’s needs like food and agro-processing, health, water and sanitation, and rural development. Technologies in India are robust and better suited to the African environment. Strong linkages are needed between industry and science and technology to prioritise innovation as part of the broader strategy to improve competitiveness.
Mwai Kibaki
President of Kenya

India is unchallengeably the world’s largest democracy. We call for closer exchanges between our parliaments, political parties and local governments that have important contributions to make in our development. In building enduring democratic systems in pluralistic societies, we believe that Africa can learn a lot from India.
Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan
President of Nigeria

Our ties with Africa go back centuries and have been nourished by close people-to-people engagement. We have been partners in struggle against colonialism. In the 21st century, we have moved to a new paradigm—one in which we seek to cooperate with each other to build a better life for our peoples. This partnership is anchored in fundamental principles of equality, mutual respect and mutual benefit and has derived impetus from the resurgence of Africa and India’s sustained economic growth.
S.M. Krishna
External Affairs Minister, India

Africa and India have been in a long-term relationship. There is a very strong linkage between the Indian government and the African Union. I can only hope we shall continue to act together and with the new leadership in Africa, we shall benefit from the experience of India. India is a very dynamic and democratic society. 
Wangari Muta Maathai
Environmentalist and Nobel Laureate

Indian multinational companies, small and medium enterprises and individuals are already investing in Africa, and the results are encouraging. Indeed, we would like to reiterate our warm invitation to all Indian business people to make huge investments in Africa, and join our efforts geared to boosting and diversifying our economies, thus contributing to African development.
Aires Bonifacio Baptista Ali
Prime Minister of Mozambique

The Indian experience of development is quite relevant to what is going on in Africa. There is a lot we can learn from India on how it lifted up from where it was 20-30 years ago. Our history is quite similar. We can take lessons from India’s experience in dealing with poverty, green revolution, transformation of agriculture, the development of IT and small and medium enterprises. There is a lot India can share with us. 
Gilbert Fossoun Houngbo
Prime Minister of Togo

Today, we are carrying on together with the fight on the economic and social solidarity front, both being indispensable for the liberation of our peoples, because political independence will, like an incomplete symphony, remain an incomplete undertaking if economic sovereignty is not achieved.
Abdoulaye Wade
President of Senegal

India and Africa should learn from their struggle for independence and Mahatma Gandhi’s role in it. It was his commitment that India and Africa should work together. Now, the partnership between India and Africa will be the defining one of the 21st century. 
I reaffirm India’s solidarity with Africa. We need to devise innovative approaches to promote peace, stability, democracy and the well-being of our citizens and nations.
Anand Sharma
Commerce and Industry
Minister, India

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