Anjaneya Jha  

Anjaneya Jha

Indian Institute of Technology,

Anjaneya Jha is a Civil Engineering student in his final year at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India. I enjoy science and engineering in general and I am currently pursuing topics in earth sciences and non-classical evolutionary computation. I completed a technical research project in the field of hydrology employing swarm intelligence last summer.

I identify myself as an agent of positive change in the society’s cultural evolution. I wish to revolutionize the education sector starting from my nation by reinforcing and instilling elements of creativity and critical thinking in children from the youngest ages. I am passionate about the study of a variety of topics presently including dreams, life, nature, evolution, creativity, education, history and evolution of science as well as that of cognition and the mind.

Essay Writing Contest 2011-12 Winners
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