Do you organize events that bring the Indian and African communities closer?

Do you organize events that bring business and social entrepreneurs together? Do you organize events that provide artists, musicians and performers a platform? Do you organize debates and talk that leads to a positive public discourse?

Let us know more about the event and the objective it aims to achieve. Tell us how your event is instrumental in creating a unique community of professionals, students, artists, entrepreneurs and others. If the objectives and the plans of the event is geared towards creating a platform that brings Indians and African closer, then INDIAFRICA will be interested in exploring ways in which it can work closely with your event or support it.

Are you an event management company that would be interested in organizing an INDIAFRICA event in your geography? Do you have any proposals for an INDIAFRICA event?

INDIAFRICA is an initiative that helps build platforms and facilitates engagement with multiple stakeholders from India and Africa. If you have an idea for an event that helps meet this objective, let us know about it. Share your proposal with us and let us start a discussion on how this could be made possible in association with INDIAFRICA.

To start a discussion, write to us at
We are waiting to hear from you.

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