Are you a corporate that believes in empowering the youth?

Are you a corporate that would like to invest in the youth?
Are you a corporate that is socially responsible and would like to contribute towards bringing Indians and Africans together?
Are you a corporate that envisions a vibrant relationship between Indians and Africans?

Every city, every country, every enterprise in this world is built on ideas that hold the key to future profitability and prosperity. INDIAFRICA is an attempt to give a platform to a billion strong youth under the age of 35 across India and fifty-four African countries to bring together their dreams to co-create a better future for all of us.

INDIAFRICA organizes contests that bring some brilliant ideas of entrepreneurship and expression to the fore. INDIAFRICA also organizes events to build a platform for discussion and exchange of valuable ideas and perspectives through which India and Africa can move towards co-creating a shared future.

And now with INDIAFRICA having created this unique this noble endeavour, we invite corporates to contribute to this effort – through internship programmes, financial support or otherwise for local and international events and contests.

To start a discussion, write to us at
We are waiting to hear from you.

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