Are you a blogger?
Are you a journalist?
Are you a mediaperson?

Or are you one of those rare individuals who care for issues around you that deserve attention?
Do you think it needs to be brought to attention to the INDIAFICA community?
INDIAFRICA will be glad to provide you with a platform.

If yes, then join the INDIAFRICA movement. Write to us about the issue. Be vocal and let the INDIAFRICA community know more about it. If you have suggestions on how to address these issues, INDIAFRICA would love to hear your opinion and inform others.

Are there any brilliant, inspired and motivated individuals or organisations around you that are influencing and impacting the local society and economy in a positive way?
Do you think it needs their work is worthy of receiving attention from the INDIAFICA community?

INDIAFRICA has a vibrant social media community with a reach of over 25 million people across India and Africa. If your story and cause is a worthy one, INDIAFRICA would be delighted to feature it in the website and also share the good word through its social media platforms.

To contribute, write to us at
We are waiting to hear from you.

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