Are you a student with great leadership skills?
Do you believe in being a youth leader and driving change?

If yes, then join the INDIAFRICA movement. It is not only an exciting chance to interact with a billion-plus youth under the age of 30, but also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of this unique people to people programme. You get to interact with this vibrant community of youngsters as they come together and share their ideas and work for a better future for all of us, across both India and the fifty-four countries of Africa. We are look forward to engage dynamic young people like you in our goodwill mission.

You can lead the initiative in your institution. We have exciting prizes for campus ambassadors who are effective in driving this programme in their campuses. By being part of this programme, you get recognized in the international INDIAFRICA community and also get an opportunity to hone your leadership abilities.

To know more, write to us at To apply, download the application form.
We are waiting to hear from you

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