Jaideep Singh  


Jamia Millia Islamia
New Delhi,

Jaideep Singh, a young engineer from Delhi is the Founder of Utopia. He is a creative mind, exploring & developing new technologies. An innovator at heart, he pays extra attention to detail and precision. He has designed a Bio-Catalytic Converter, Off- Roading car, Human Powered Electric Vehicles in the past and has also published over fifteen technical papers in SAE International. He has received many prestigious awards and recognitions for his work, which include the IMC inclusive innovation award and the MIT 35 young Innovators of the world. He has also being awarded in NASA’s ‘Create the future’ contest. J

Jaideep has worked for 6 years in designing Human Powered Electric Vehicles.

Business Venture Contest 2012-13
Top 8 Teams
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