S Shrikumar  

S Shrikumar

Woxsen School of Business,

S Shrikumar is an experienced professional in the Advanced Technology & Operations domain. A former submariner with the Indian Navy for over two decades, he also has extensive experience within the Defence & Aerospace division at L&T, India in the construction of strategic submarines for the Indian Navy.

In the past he has managed the design and construction of India's strategic submarines with technological collaboration with the Indian private/public sector and global technological majors. This gives him a broad knowledge of Strategy, Operations, Military Logistics, Reliability Engineering, Policy Formulation & Technology Transfer.

Presently as the CEO of WOXSEN™ School of Business, he takes all Executive decisions, both tactical and strategic towards seamless operations encompassing Finance, Technology, Procurement and most critical, People.

Business Venture Contest 2014
Members of the Grand Jury for the Finals at Accra
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