PR Ganapathy  

PR Ganapathy

COO, Villgro Innovations,

PR "Guns" Ganapathy is the COO at Villgro Innovations, one of India's oldest and most respected social enterprise incubators. Villgro's mission is to "make impactful innovators succeed", and Guns has operational and strategic responsibility for all major programs that make that a reality.

In addition to running Villgro's programs, Guns directly mentors several social enterprises in the Villgro portfolio, spending significant amounts of time helping entrepreneurs overcome their challenges and scale.

Prior to Villgro, Guns co-founded a venture-funded startup and held leadership positions at small and large corporations in India and the US. He has an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, and an Honours degree in Mathematics from Hindu College.

Business Venture Contest 2014
Members of the Grand Jury for the Finals at Accra
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