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Pat Pillai

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Patmanathan Pillai is a Teacher, Businessman, Social Entrepreneur and News Anchor at E News. He has previously held executive directorships in the media industry, such as at Primedia. Pat founded Life College Group almost 16 years ago. Life College is an NGO that sees itself as a social business. It offers Critical Thinking Skills, Cognitive Enhancement, Humanising Consciousness and Purpose-Detection programmes to enhance academic and life output (more commonly described as Champion Mentality, Character and Self-Leadership Education). It works with students and educators.

To generate revenue to fund its youth work, LifeCo offers direct training to managers and leaders at institutional partners in civil, business and government sectors. LifeCo Mindset Academy (a wholly owned subsidiary) distributes programmes to schools, universities and businesses to improve results and improve overall performance.  

Life College Group also has a range of investments/businesses in the private sector and 100% of the declared dividends or proceeds fund the social work of Life College. No private individual benefits at all with 100% of the shares being owned by Life College Trust. 

Pat was awarded the Ashoka Fellowship in 2007 for his work at Life College. Ashoka is the global association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs. Pat was also selected as an Ashoka Globalizer Fellow – a group of 35 Ashoka Fellows drawn from about 2,800 fellows across 70 countries. These Globalizer fellows are recognised as having social enterprises that are most likely to replicate globally. In the Ask Africa survey 2011, Life College was amongst the top 10 most trusted NGO’s in South Africa.


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